Fitamp blood and cultured DNA KIT

Product description

The FitAmp ™ Blood and Cultured Cell DNA Extraction Kit is a comprehensive set of essential components designed for the rapid isolation of pure genomic DNA. The researcher can quickly and efficiently isolate DNA from blood leukocytes and cultured mammalian cells. The entire procedure can be completed in 20 minutes.

  • Fast: the entire procedure can be completed in 20 minutes with consistent isolation conditions.
  • Efficient – High efficiency of DNA isolation from blood leukocytes or cultured mammalian cells.
  • Reliable – Our specially designed F-Spin columns allow DNA to be retrieved comfortably.
  • Safe: use of non-toxic reagents and without phenol-chloroform.

This kit can also be used as an initial step in our popular DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation quantification kits: MethylFlash Global DNA Methylation 5-mC ELISA Easy Kit and MethylFlash Global DNA Methylation 5-hmC ELISA Easy Kit.


Fast and efficient DNA preparation is crucial for a successful DNA-based experiment. DNA samples can be prepared from cells, tissues, and body fluids, and are the most widely used starting material for most DNA methylation assays and applications. The FitAmp ™ Blood and Cultured Cell DNA Extraction Kit ensure ready-to-use DNA no matter what the subsequent application.

Principle and procedure

This kit simply applies our proprietary DNA Isolation Buffer to the cell pellets. After treatment with DNA Digestion Buffer, DNA is easily recovered in quantities of 10-20 µl using our specially designed F-Spin column. DNA is ready for subsequent applications.

Materials to get started

The input amount of cultured mammalian cells or blood leukocytes should be between 1 ng and 4 µg, with the optimal range between 10 ng and 1 µg. This kit can easily produce 1 ng to 4 µg of DNA in spinning column format, which can be used for any molecular biology procedure such as PCR, restriction digestion, cloning, and sequencing, etc.

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