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A nucleic acid-based orthopoxvirus vaccine targeting the vaccinia virus L1, A27, B5 and A33 proteins protects rabbits against lethal rabbitpox virus aerosol challenge

In the age of COVID, nucleic acid vaccines have garnered much attention, at least in part, because of the simplicity of construction, production, and flexibility to adjust and adapt to an evolving outbreak. Orthopoxviruses remain a threat on multiple fronts, especially as emerging zoonosis. In response, we developed a DNA vaccine, termed 4pox, that protected … Read more

Immunogenicity of a highly attenuated MVA smallpox vaccine and protection against monkeypox

The potential use of smallpox as a biological weapon has led to the production and stockpiling of smallpox vaccine and the immunization of some healthcare workers. Another public health goal is the licensing of a safer vaccine that could benefit the millions of people advised not to take the current one because they or their … Read more


HIGHLIGHT: Suitable for transfection of DNA, mRNA, siRNA, and miRNA, as well as for cotransfection of DNA and RNA Suitable for stable and transient transfection Suitable for adherent and suspended cells. Minimized toxic effects Optimized transfection rates Free of serum inhibition Complete library of user reports Wide range of references in specialized literature METAFECTENE® PRO … Read more